Garden Time™ All Purpose Fertiliser

Garden Time™ All Purpose Fertiliser

Garden Time All Purpose Fertiliser, N11 P4 K10 +1.9Mg, is a blended granular fertiliser that meets the complete nutritional requirements for all types of potted and garden plants. This balanced fertiliser with added wetting agent is dust-free, safe and easy to apply.

  • Added trace elements
  • Enhanced with wetting agent
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Safe to use and easy to apply

N:11 P:4  K:10  Mg:1.9  +TE

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How to use

Ensure soil is moist prior to application and water immediately after application. Avoid contact with foliage.

Spoon inside  = 10 grams 

Flowers and vegetables

Spread 40g (4 spoonfuls) per m2 at planting. Repeat every 2-3 months. 

Established trees and shrubs

Spread 50g (5 spoonfuls) per m2 out to dripline, at least 20cm away from the trunk. Repeat every 2-3 months.

Indoor and outdoor potted plants

1 spoonful per 25cm pot or 2 spoonfuls per 40cm pot. Repeat application every 2-4 months. 

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