Garden Time Seafeed Plus NPK

Garden Time Seafeed Plus NPK

This ultimate combination of Seaweed and macronutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK), packs a punch and promotes rapid growth of all flower, fruit and vegetable plants with bumper crops come harvest time.

Garden Time Seafeed, made with NZ Natural Seaweed, is a natural biostimulant that increases cell division and root formation. The easily applied liquid encourages rapid plant response.

  • Encourages stronger root development and plant growth.
  • Improves plant resistance to stress from drought, heat, frost and disease.
  • Lessens transplant shock.
  • Use as a rooting solution for cuttings or soak seeds for improved germination.
  • Apply to flowers 2-3 days before cutting to lengthen life. 

The product range has been developed using New Zealand natural seaweed sustainably sourced from Marlborough and combined with vitamins, and macro and micro nutrients ensuring that gardeners get the best out of every single application. 


N:1.28  P:0.33  K:1.24

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How to use

Safe to use year-round, on all plants. Can be applied directly to foliage or soil using watering can or low pressure sprayer, or through irrigation systems.
Garden Time Seafeed is not a plant food. For improved growth apply Garden Time Liquid Feed.

Shake well before use.
Mix thoroughly with water. Use within 24hrs of mixing.
9 litres diluted mix covers approx 2-4m2

Flowers and Veges

Rate Per 10L Water: 20-30ml
Frequency of Application: Every 7-10 days

Lawns, Trees and Shrubs

Rate Per 10L Water: 50-100ml 
Frequency of Application: Every 4-6 weeks

Transplanting, planting and indoor use

Rate Per 10L Water: 20-30ml
Frequency of Application: At planting, 1 week later, then every 2-4 weeks

Established Gardens 

Rate Per 10L Water: 30-50ml
Frequency of Application: Every 2-4 weeks

Tips and know how

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