Big Value Rose Fertiliser

Big Value Rose Fertiliser

A balanced blend of fertilisers suited to roses and all flower varieties.

Big Value Rose Fertiliser is designed to:

  • Encourage healthy foliage and flowers.
  • Promote vigorous root development.
  • Assist in disease resistance.

Big Value Rose Fertiliser contains all essential nutrients plus added potassium, for beautiful blooms. Apply in early spring and late summer for best results.

N:5  P:4  K:5  +1Fe

Where to buy

*Stores are indicative only. Please phone stores for confirmation of availability.

How to use

At planting

Apply at 100 grams per m2. Mix thoroughly with existing soil and water well. For better growth use Big Value Compost to improve soil health.

Established trees and shrubs

Apply at 200 grams per m2 out to the drip line. Water thoroughly.


Wash excess fertiliser off foliage. Not suitable as a topdress on containers. Not suitable for adding to potting mix.

Tips and know how

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