Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow

Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow

Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow is a weed-free bark based mulch enhanced with essential plant nutrients. 

Mulching has long been known as the secret to a successful garden. Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow will improve plant growth by providing plant nutrients and stimulating an increase in natural soil microbes, essential in developing strong, healthy root systems. 

Applying Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow will greatly enhance your garden’s overall health by improving your plant’s ability to use available nutrients and withstand periods of stress.

  • Forms a knitted barrier between the soil and the environment
  • Natural-looking and weed-free
  • Encourages microbial and worm activity
  • Adds nutrients for improved growth 
  • Helps to protect the root system
  • Helps to keep the soil at healthy temperatures, i.e. warm in winter and cool in summer 
  • Great for the retention of moisture in the soil
  • Manufactured from a renewable resource
  • Holds its position on exposed and/or sloping gardens.


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How to use

For Gardens & Trees

Place 5-10cm of Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow on your garden, keeping mulch away from the base of plants.
Applied to a depth of 40mm, one bag of Premium Mulch & Grow will cover 1m2.

For Containers

Place a thin layer of Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow on top of containers to maintain moisture levels and reduce weed growth. Leave a space between the base of the plant and the product.
Daltons Premium Mulch & Grow will also assist in watering of containers by supporting an even distribution of water across the top of the pot or container. 

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