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Garden City Plastics

Daltons are suppliers of Garden City Plastics. GCP have a comprehensive range of containers, accessories and other plastic products including punnets, trays and crates as well as Jiffy, wind clips and plugs. You can also find a wide range of garden hardware. 

They also offer a custom print your brand service allowing you to print on a variety of pots and containers. 

Garden City Plastics was established back in 1975 by Len and Austral Wilson on the site of the Wilson Indoor Nursery at Heatherton in Victoria, Australia. The plastics container manufacturing plant was born out of the need to have a reliable source of containers that could be designed for horticultural purposes, competitively priced and available when required.


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Punnet CH4 Cell Punnet Black [516]
Pot 0.60L (10cm) Maxi (TL) Black [484]
Pot Square 1.1L (12.5cm) Square Round (TL) - Black [336]
Pot 1.05L (13cm) S/L (TL) Blk [348]
Pot Square 1.8L (13.5cm) (TL) Black [116]
Pot 1.5L (14cm) Packwell (TL) Blk [456]
Pot 1.9L (15cm) STD Capillary Black [192]
Pot 2.5L (16.5cm) One Gal (TL) Black [450]
Pot 2.8L (18cm) Slimline (TL) Blk [186]
Pot Square 6L (18.3cm) - Black [36]
Pot 4.0L (20cm) Euro (TL) Blk [34]
Pot 3.3L (20cm) Squat Euro (TL) Black Pot [119]
Pot 4.5L (20cm) Slimline (TL) [40]
Pot 6L (23cm) Slimline Black [47]
Pot 8.5L (25cm) Deluxe Black [25]
Pot 8.0L (25cm) Euro (TL) Blk [25]
Pot 8.0L (25cm) Standard Blk [36]
Pot 14.0L (30cm) Std Blk [20]
Pot 18L (33cm) Slimline Blk [17]
Pot 27L (40cm) Slimline Black [11]
Pot 28L (42cm) Berry Pot with Feet [1]
Pot 33L (43cm) Standard Black With Handle [10]
Pot 52L (50cm) Slimline Blk [5]
Pot Square 0.46L (8.5cm) Square Jewel - Black [576]
Punnet 4 Cell Pack (77x64x80) [216] NS
Punnet Watersaver- Standard (140x83x50) [708]
Tray Traycycle Universal Black (580*380*10) [1]
Tray 550 Masrac (570x358x82) - Black [1]
Tray 349 Seedling (350x295x60) - Black (Puntra) [1]
Tray Shuttle 10cm - 18 cells [1]
Tray Shuttle 13cm - 8 Cells [1]
Tray Shuttle 14cm (TL) - 8 Cells [1]
Tray Shuttle 18cm (TL) With Base & Handle - 6 Cells [1]
Tray Shuttle 20cm w/handle - 4 Cells [1]
Tray Fertil 166.18 - 32 Cell Fertil Tray [40]
Pot 2.8L (18cm) Euro (TL) Blk [180]
Pot 4.7L (20cm) Slimeline (TL) [45]
Pot 6L (23cm) Slimline Blk [1880]
Pot 14.5L (30cm) Deluxe Black [21]
Pot Square 0.55L (95mm) Square Jewel (TL) Blk [444]
Tray Hydro Grass Black [1] - Non stock item
Pot Square 0.80L (9cm) Olive- Black [144]
Tube Square 0.11L (4cm) - Blk [1188]
Tube Square 0.33L (7cm) Bottomless (TL) [340]
Tray 50 Cells (4.6cm dia x 5.1cm h) [100]
Hanging Saucerless Basket 2.4L (20cm) - Jade [176]
Hanging Saucerless Basket 5.7L (27cm) - Jade [76]
Tube Square 0.33L (6.9cm) Olive - Black [320]
Tube Tray Crate 12 cell for 9cm Bottomless Blk [1]
Tube Tray Crate 20 cell suits 7cm Bottomless Tube [1]
Tray Crate 9cm Olive Pot Frame [16]
Punnet 6 Cell Pack (175x148x80) [174]
Pot Anti-Root Spiraling 3L (190x170) Pot Blk [1]
Hanging Saucerless Clasp Hanger 43cm - Terracotta [44]
Hanging Saucerless Clasp Hanger 43cm - Jade [44]
Pot 2.0L (15cm) STD Capillary Black [192]
Pot 2.5L 16.5cm One Gal (TL) Pallet [6006]
Pot 8.0L (25cm) Berry Pot with Feet [1]
Pot 3.3L (18cm) Slimline (TL) Blk [186]
Pot 14L (30cm) Berry Pot with Feet [1]
Pot 4.7L (20cm) Deluxe Black RZ [28]
Pot Anti-Root Spiraling 50L (500x390) Blk RZ [1]
Pot Anti-Root Spiraling 85L (600x460) Blk [1] RZ
Tube Square 0.20L (5cm) Forestry Bottomless - Black RZ [800]
Punnet CH6 Cell Punnet Black RZ [516]
Hanging Saucerless Clasp Hanger 43cm - White [44]
Hanging Saucerless Clasp Hanger 43cm - Dark Pink [44]
Hanging Saucerless Clasp Hanger 43cm - Purple [44]
Pot 0.97L (12.5cm) Slimline (4 TL) Black [315]
Hanging Saucerless Basket 2.4L (20cm) - White [176]
Used Pot Anti-Root Spiraling 35L (420x360) Pot Blk [1]


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