Why Orchiata?

Daltons Orchiata is a natural, organic product made from Pinus radiata bark from renewable forests in New Zealand. The natural properties of this exceptional growing substrate have been proven by orchid growers worldwide to provide true value and consistently superior growth.

Renowned for superior quality

Orchiata is a perfect substrate for growing orchids, providing a variety of natural properties to the plant and a wealth of benefits for the grower. During the bark aging process beneficial micro-organisms proliferate and any pathogens are eliminated. The outer surface of the bark chip is broken down, allowing it to hold water and nutrients for the plant, while the inner structure remains hard and stable. Combined with a uniform chip size, with minimal fines and wood, Orchiata gives consistent hydration, an ideal wet/dry cycle and also provides excellent longevity.

Our rigorous quality control ensures that Orchiata will give you superior performance, helping you achieve optimum growth and the very best orchid flowers.

Orchiata saves you time & money

Orchiata can be used straight from the bag its stable EC means there’s no need for initial flushing. Orchiata is pH balanced and because it will not break down in the pot it maximises availability of nutrients for the plant.

Orchiata’s beneficial micro-organisms resist pathogens and promote healthier roots. Growers using Orchiata report a reduced need to repot as well as vigorous growth that shortens maturity time, reducing labour costs while optimising production and plant value.

Naturally sustainable & renewable

All Besgrow Orchiata products are produced from sustainable and renewable resources. The finest quality bark is sourced from carefully managed man-made forests in New Zealand, ensuring future sustainability.




100% natural, organic and renewable New Zealand resource

Aged bark holds water and nutrients on outer surface

Ideal wet/dry cycle for orchids

Promotes healthy plant growth

Very hard physical structure - will not compost

Ideal for both hobbyist and commercial growers

Use straight from the bag


Available in 5l/4.5 dry quart and 40l/36 dry quart bags

pH 5.5 – 6.5

EC <0.3 mS/cm

Moisture <15%

Nitrogen fixed for stable EC

Uniform chip size in bag

Versatile, ideal growing media for a variety of orchid species


PRECISION :   Size 3-6mm   AFP% 43-50   WHC% 52   WRE% 25 

CLASSIC :   Size 6-9mm   AFP% 47-52   WHC% 55   WRE% 25 

POWER :   Size 9-12mm   AFP% 49-53   WHC% 56.8   WRE% 25 

POWER+ :   Size 2-18mm   AFP% 50-54   WHC% 56.8   WRE% 25 

SUPER:   Size 18-25mm   AFP% 51-55   WHC% 56.8   WRE% 25