Top Ten Reasons to Garden

Top Ten Reasons to Garden



You can do it anywhere! These days you don’t need large spaces to create a beautiful or edible garden. Container/potted gardens, vertical gardens and even roof gardens provide many opportunities to turn the areas you have into functional spaces. There are also many dwarf or mini-varieties of vegetables, citrus and fruit trees available to grow that are perfect for those who are short on space.


Gardening is inexpensive. Growing your own means you can cut down your weekly food bill – especially if you grow from seed.


Gardening is a great excuse to get outside! You get a little exercise and enjoy the fresh air whilst watching your garden change throughout the seasons. It also provides opportunities for fun family time creating memories in the garden together.


Gardening builds soil. Gardening helps us understand more about our soil and what it needs. Even the simple task of adding Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost helps add nutrients, improves soil structure and promotes microbial activity.


Gardening is good for your health. It improves your diet because you are more inclined to eat a range of fruit and vegetables if you have grown them yourself; especially if you expand the varieties you grow. Plus food out of your own garden is fresher and tastes better!


Gardens are beautiful. From the stunning colours of autumn leaves to fragrant spring blossoms, each plant offers its own beauty to admire throughout the seasons.


Children and gardening go together. Children love to watch the wonder of sprouting seeds and young seedlings as they grow into plants they can enjoy and eat. They learn the process of how fruit and vegetables develop, ripen and end up on their plate. Plus they learn gardening skills they can use for life.


Gardening is a wonderful skill to pass on. Sharing our gardening knowledge means helping the next generation of gardeners, which in turn they then pass on.


Gardening brightens up indoors as well. If you grow a variety of plants in your garden, there will always be something to pop into a vase and bring a little of the outdoors indoors each season.


Gardening helps your community. Gardening helps bring people together and strengthens a community. Sharing excess veggies or fruit harvests with people over the fence, down the road or at your local church or community centre encourages communication and friendships with others. It’s also a great opportunity to swap gardening tips and advice. Unused space in a community can be utilised to start a community garden. This encourages others to garden and fosters a sense of belonging.


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