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Welcome to the 2017 Daltons Sunflowers in Kindergarten project, designed to inspire the next generation of gardeners and their teachers, and give children the opportunity to engage in gardening. 

The main part of the Daltons Sunflowers in Kindergartens Project is now over. A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated; children, teachers, parents and all the kindergarten associations. We enjoyed bringing you the project, and we hope you enjoyed being part of it. Daltons would like to thank our fantastic partners; Kings Seeds and The Warehouse  for helping make this project a success. They are a vital part of the project and we couldn't do it without their support.

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Let your kindy kids grow their own sunflower and be in to win great prizes!

There are ten kindergarten associations* taking part throughout the country, and it’s up to them to grow the tallest sunflower or widest sunflower face in their own region. Regional winners will receive prizes from Daltons and The Warehouse, PLUS all participating kindergartens will go into the draw to win a gardening workshop at their kindergarten with media personality and award winning landscape designer Xanthe White!

Over 235 kindergartens took part in the last project. In their region, Te Rapa Early Education Centre (part of Waikato Kindergarten Association), grew the tallest sunflower, which was the tallest ever recorded in the history of the project! Their sunflower plant measured in at a staggering 3.12 metres tall! 

Te Rapa Tallest Sunflower 2015

How it works in 2017

Register your kindergarten online before Wednesday 5th July 2017 to receive your Daltons starter pack with everything you need for your kindergarten kids to grow and care for their own sunflower. Your starter pack will be delivered to your kindergarten and contains Daltons Seed Mix, Daltons Potting Mix, Kings Seeds SkyScraper, peat pots, growing instructions, Daltons measuring tape, growth tracking charts, and more!


Regional Prizes

There are ten regions* taking part and each region will have the following prize categories: 

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The Tallest Sunflower
$150 Daltons product voucher

$100 Warehouse Voucher


Sunflowers smiley face

The Widest Sunflower Head
$150 Daltons product voucher

$100 Warehouse Voucher


National Prizes
Xanthe White

Prize Draw to win a workshop with Xanthe White at your kindergarten

Xanthe’s Best Pick: Throughout the project, send us your best sunflower photos or learning experiences and you could win a framed copy of the photo and a $100 Daltons voucher.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for your photo!



The Daltons Best Little Gardener of each kindy. It could be the child whose commitment to the project stood out the most, such as the most diligent at watering or the most passionate gardener, it’s up to you.  We’ll include the prize in the starter pack. Don’t forget to send us a photo and name of your Daltons Best Little Gardener at the end of the project!

Participation Certificates: Available in the learning centre for you to download and print off so every child receives a special memento.

Key Dates

• Register online before Wednesday 5th July 2017

• Project officially starts Monday 21st August 2017

• Submit photos and measurements by Wednesday 6th December 2017

What will children learn?

Children will learn valuable gardening skills and knowledge that can be used for life. The project also offers opportunities for independence and responsibility as children learn to take care of their plants.

Your kindy kids will be exposed to many learning opportunities through nurturing their sunflowers each week. Teachers can integrate the project into aspects of the early childhood education curriculum, for example;

Science/Inquiry: Process of planting and growing the plants, discussions around the environment (impact of weather on plants) and interactions. Exploring the process of plant photosynthesis.  

Maths: Number recognition, counting and becoming familiar with units of measurement through measuring and recording their plants.  

Physical: Fine motor skills (sowing seeds), maintenance of the plants eg: daily watering and weekly measuring.  

Literacy: Reading about sunflowers, writing about plants, recording measurements, talking about sunflowers within structured group time etc. 

Art: Drawing sunflowers, creating life-cycles and completing craft activities supplied with each newsletter.  

Music: Songs about sunflowers and how they grow.

Each fortnight throughout the project, we will send email newsletters to teachers full of information about sunflowers, learning sheets and fun activities to share with their kindy kids to spark their creativity and learning. These newsletters also contain information such as fortnightly care of plants and important dates, so please ensure you read them.

If you have any questions or need support, please email your query to:

Additional information and growing tips are provided in your starter pack – or can be downloaded here.
Please ensure you review the project terms and conditions.
* This project is only running in the ten selected regions of New Zealand for 2017. For details on the participating kindergarten associations in each region please review the terms and conditions.

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