Sunflowers in Kindergartens Guidelines

Below are some guidelines to help you measure and photograph your tallest plant and widest flower correctly for your final submission. Your photos must show the Daltons measuring tape verifying the measurement you are submitting. Please also send a copy of your growth tracking chart.

Measuring your tallest sunflower (each region)

Measurements are to be taken from the base of the stem to the top of the sunflower stem using the Daltons measuring tape.

Entrants must provide a photo showing the entire plant from the base to the flower and the measurement of the tape at the base of the stem top (base of flower head). Follow these image examples.


How to measure your tallest sunflower

Measuring your sunflower with the widest head (each region)

Measurements should be the width (taken from left to right) across the sunflower bloom "face" only and must not include the petals. Entrants must provide a photo of this using the Daltons measuring tape. Follow this image example.

How to measure your widest sunflower head

Best Photo Submission

Please ensure you submit any additional photos for the Best Photo Award. Ideally, they will be of children with sunflower blooms or in their sunflower gardens. Here are examples of previous year's winning shots.

Note: Ensure any photos of children you submit have parental approval and provide their name and age please.


Example of last project's photo winner

Photos for media releases

Please submit photos of your children and sunflowers with your final sunflower submission. This is very important. If you are a winner these will be used to send to local media with the winner announcement media releases.

Winner Announcements

Winners will be contacted by Daltons via phone on Thursday 12 December. We will announce the 11 regional winners for Tallest and Widest Sunflower on the same day and will be sending individual regional media releases to local and regional media along with each winner’s photo.