Weed Killers


Can I use a weed killer/s on my vegetable garden to clear weeds before planting? Is there anything available that won’t affect germination and growth production?


Whilst there may be products on the market that state they are completely harmless, it would be best to err on the side of caution and not apply herbicides to a site you are growing and eating vegetables from. 
A far more healthy way of treating the problem may require a bit of extra effort initially, but in the end you will be assured your vegetables have been grown in the most natural way. Do this by spading off the weeds from your garden site. Add a generous layer of Daltons Compost (which is 100% weed free) and mix it in well with existing soil, working it in to approximately one spade deep. To ensure the soil is well aerated, do this one to two weeks before planting. After you have planted your vegetables, add a good layer of mulch around your vegetables to help suppress weeds. Regular garden maintenance is essential to keep weeds away. Always remove any weeds that appear as soon as possible – the sooner the better.

TOP TIP: Apply a side dressing of Daltons Vegetable Fert to your vegetable garden approx every 4-6 weeks during summer, depending on the vegetable crops you have growing and how often you are watering (some are heavy feeders and may require more applications). Always ensure that your applied fertiliser is watered in well. 

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