Eradicating Ivy


While cleaning up our section, we discovered a large amount of ivy shared between us and our neighbour on the boundary. Is there an effective way of eradicating ivy as it is climbing up into the trees? 


Ivy is one of the more difficult weeds to control in gardens, especially in parts of a property boarding a neighbour where there is also infestation.

The difficulty is that ivy will root and grow on almost anything it comes into contact with, such as soil, fences, garages, trees, shrubs, concrete and paths. 
Try and locate where the original plant(s) are rooted in the soil, then cut these back to ground level and slowly they will die. 

It can be impossible to locate all the rooted pieces because they grow among other plants or in your case, in the neighbour’s garden. It may be necessary to apply a systemic herbicide very carefully to the ivy leaves. This type of herbicide will then be translocated through the plant and kill it. 

Whatever technique is used, the battle will be long and hard as ivy is challenging. However, if you are committed and can get your neighbour to work with you from their side of the boundary, you will achieve success.

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