Clearing Soil


I’m trying to clear a small garden plot that had some type of bulbous evergreen type plant growing. I’ve cleared it all out but the soil is root filled. How do I condition the soil ready for vege planting?


It’s difficult to know without identifying the plant you have removed, but because it is a bulbous evergreen variety there could be a risk that it may return in the same location and affect your potential vegetable garden. All the roots and any remaining bulbs from the plant will need to be carefully removed from the soil to ensure it does not grow back.
It may be a better option to establish your vegetable garden in a raised planter which offers you more control over the soil and better access to your vegetables. The planter only needs to be 50-60cm above existing ground level and you can build it out of railroad sleepers or even bricks etc. Fill the planter with a mixture of Daltons Compost and Daltons Garden Mix which provides an excellent growing medium for your vegetables. After planting, finish with a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow around vegetables to help maintain soil moisture and temperature. 
However if you are determined to plant your vegetable garden in the same spot, after removing all of the roots/bulbs, prepare the soil for planting by applying a generous layer of Daltons Compost or Daltons Organic Compost or Daltons Big Value Blood & Bone and thoroughly work it in to 1 ½ spade depths. This ensures that the soil has been fully aerated, improving organic matter, nutrient content and microbial activity. For best results do this about one to two weeks before planting.