Pruning Grape Vines


What time of year do I prune my grapevine (it is about 3 years old). How far back do I prune it? 


Grapes should be pruned as soon as all the leaves have fallen off the vine (around autumn/early winter). Depending on how you are training your grapevine, main leaders should be established and spur growth off the leaders should be pruned back to two nodes (a node is to where growth will occur from in spring).

While this appears to be very hard pruning, do not be alarmed as grapevines put on a tremendous amount of growth every year and fruit on the new season’s growth.

It may be necessary through the growing season to shorten back some of the vegetative growth to allow for the better formation of fruit.

Be attentive to your grapevine in early spring as the new shoots can be quite frost tender and therefore damaged if there is a late frost in your area. To lessen the threat, cover the vines with a frost cloth in late August through to September.

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