Passion Fruit Tub


I have been given a passion fruit vine which I have planted in a large tub. It is thriving, so can I keep it in the tub or should I plant it in the garden? 


Well done on growing a healthy passion fruit vine. We recommended that you do not transplant it into the garden as this disturbance may have negative consequences on the plant. In spring, prune your passion fruit by removing surplus old leaders as the passion fruit vine will produce fruit on the new season’s growth. 
Passion fruit are gross feeders and do require regular applications of fertiliser throughout the growing period. Apply Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert every 3-5 weeks from early November through until mid-December, recommencing in March to mid-April. 
In order to maintain a supply of fruit, look to plant new passion fruit vine(s) into the garden itself every 2-4 years rather than in a container. When it comes to planting, the more shelter you can provide your passion fruit vine, the more successful it will be. If the site has very strong prevailing winds, you won’t have a lot of success. The ideal site is sunny, north facing, sheltered and preferably with a wall or structure you can train the plant to grow up. The better the soil, the better the passion fruit grows so add in plenty of Daltons Compost when planting. Finally, add a good layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on top to help protect the plant and soil. 

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