Passion Fruit Lifespan


My 5-year-old passionfruit plant has just withered and died. It fruited well for the past 3 years and has been well watered through the summer and fertilised it in the spring. Another passionfruit plant in the same bed is fine. Any ideas, please?


It sounds like your passionfruit plant has reached the end of its natural life; you have done exceptionally well to have had five years from it. The death is not caused by any diseases or insect infection and will not affect the plants growing in close association. 
To ensure regular cropping, it is advisable to plant new passionfruit every two to three years. These should be planted in mid spring (late October/early November). The ideal site to grow passionfruit is in a sunny, north facing, sheltered spot, preferably with a wall or structure you can train the plant to grow up. Passionfruit grow best in nice, compost rich soil, so add in plenty of Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost when planting and mix it in well with your existing soil (to about a spade’s depth). 
Feed your passionfruit plants with a light side dressing of Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert in early spring.


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