Grape Vine Diseases


Our grapes are small and covered with a silver grey coating and the leaves are withered and diseased. There also is what appears to be a brown centre in the vine when the end is cut. What should I do?


Having read the various descriptions of the diseases that are attacking your grape vine, it would be best to take it out. 
Visit your local gardening store and find a grafted grapevine variety to plant in a new site in your garden. Try either a white variety (eg: Niagara) or a Purple (eg: Albany Beauty). These are hardy and comparatively disease free grapes. 
The preferred site for your new grapevine should be north facing, sunny, well drained soil which is sheltered from prevailing winds. Before planting, prepare the soil well by adding in plenty of Daltons Compost. Feed your grapevine in spring/early summer (late Oct to early Dec) with Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert.
Regularly water the plant until it is well established. You will need to provide some support for the grapevine to grow on eg: a fence or strong stakes with wires to tie the vine on as it grows.

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