Transplanting Pansy Tree


I purchased a property three years ago with a small urban garden containing several native and exotic mature trees. These are under-plant with younger exotic trees and shrubs, including a tree pansy, ginkgo, and Japanese maple. I believe the tree pansy is struggling for enough light and water in its current position, as I have yet to see it flower. When would be the best time to move it, and what position, conditions and treatment do they prefer?


While your specific pansy tree, Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy,’ will grow as an understory plant among larger trees, it will be much happier in an open, sunny position that is sheltered from strong prevailing winds and where the soil is free draining.

Wait until the tree is completely dormant (when all leaves have dropped), before beginning the transplant process. This can be carried out quite safely by digging 500mm away from the trunk and deep enough to not overly damage the root system. Have the new planting site prepared prior to transplanting, well dug over with fresh compost incorporated into the existing soil and drop in a Daltons Premium Planter Tab. Firm the plant into position and water thoroughly. You may need to stake the tree until the new roots take hold.

This is also an ideal time to carry out any pruning that is required. Tree pansies sometimes have ‘crowded branches’ and some careful pruning can help promote a more attractive tree.

Pansy Tree