What Products Do I Use?


What is the best Daltons product for tomatoes?


Daltons have developed products especially for growing tomatoes including; Daltons Tomato Mix and DaltonsTomato Fert. Although, you can also successfully use other mixes and fertilisers in the range.
To grow the best tomatoes, firstly choose a sunny, sheltered site and prepare the soil well before planting. By doing this at the start you will be well on your way to a healthy garden. Two of the most important products you will use are compost and tomato mix. Add them to existing soil and mix well. Compost adds rich organic matter to your soil, stimulating microbial and earthworm activity. It also improves soil structure and drainage. Daltons Tomato Mix is designed specifically for growing all tomato types, including cherry tomatoes, in containers, raised beds and traditional garden beds. It is used by commercial tomato growers throughout New Zealand with added fertilisers and nutrients for strong, healthy fruit production. 
For ongoing care of your tomato plants, soil should be kept moist but not wet. Only water the roots and avoid getting the leaves wet, to avoid encouraging fungal diseases. Tomatoes require a lot of water around fruiting time; the key is to be consistent and water deeply three times a week. For strong, healthy plants and a bumper crop, feed your tomatoes every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing period with Daltons Tomato Fert. 
It’s also important to always have a good layer of mulch around your tomato plants, especially in the summer months to retain moisture, add nutrition and suppress weeds.


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