Limitations of Tomatoes in Pots


I have tomatoes in pots and want to plant them out in the garden. They have a ‘creep’ on the leaves. I’ve added fertiliser and regularly watered. Soapy water works temporarily, but needs constant application - can you help? 


From your description, it sounds like the tomato plants require planting into the garden immediately, or are in desperate need of repotting into larger containers.

While they are fairly robust plants to grow in the home garden, tomato plants are quite particular about soil conditions. When planting in containers, plants like rapidly growing tomatoes quickly exhaust the growing medium of its available nutrients, leading to a yellowing of leaves and stems which make them more vulnerable to attacks from insects and disease.

They can be successfully re-potted into larger containers, but make sure you remove any diseased leaves first. Repot with fresh Garden TimeTM Potting Mix or Garden TimeTM Tomato Mix - both have a balance of nutrients required for healthy tomato growth.

If possible, plant your tomatoes into the garden in a sunny sheltered position, with soil that is enriched with compost. Side dress at regular intervals with Garden TimeTM Tomato Fertiliser.

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