Growing Tomatoes from Seed


When is a good time to sow tomato seeds in Wellington? What sort of tomato seeds are tough to survive and what should I not plant with them? Can you plant tomatoes beside strawberries?


There is no scientific evidence that precludes growing tomatoes in close proximity to strawberries has any effect on the growth or cropping of either plant. In Wellington you can sow seeds indoors in seed trays in September and plant the seedlings out into the garden mid–late October (around Labour Weekend). 
If your garden is not in a sheltered spot or wind is an issue, look for dwarf or lower growing varieties such as Russian Red or Roma. Possibly one of the easiest and heavily cropping tomato varieties to grow is the Sweet100 Cherry Tomato – it requires good staking as its growth is prolific. You can also try disease resistant varieties like Mortgage Lifter or Tommy Toe. 
If you are planting in the same site where you have previously grown tomatoes, work in some Daltons Tomato Mix and Daltons Compost to replenish the soil of important nutrients. For strong healthy plants and a bumper crop feed your tomatoes every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing period with Daltons Tomato Fert. 

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