First Time Gardener


I am a beginner gardener and trying to grow some tomatoes. Last year’s plants were very leafy and green, but the fruit was scarce. Any top tips to prevent this happening again?


Is there a possibility you have been over fertilising with a nitrogen based fertiliser? This will give you lots of green leafy growth instead of a balance of leaf and fruit. For this season use a tomato fertiliser like Daltons Tomato Fert which has a balanced blend of nutrients to give you good vegetative growth and promote good cropping. Side dress your plants with tomato fertiliser every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing period. Then add a good layer of mulch around your plants to retain moisture, add nutrition and suppress weeds.
Another thing to check is your site to ensure your plants are receiving enough sunlight. Tomatoes gown in a small shady area will put on considerable leafy growth, but will be very shy in cropping.
Tomatoes do require a lot of water, especially when fruiting. Give them a deep watering three times a week, watering at the roots and avoiding getting the leaves wet, as this can encourage fungal diseases. 

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