Cherry Tomatoes


My cherry tomatoes have grown really well, but my money-makers are struggling to ripen and are larger than last season. Have I left too much fruit on the vine as they seem to be fighting for space?


Cherry tomatoes are one of the easiest tomato varieties to grow, however other tomato varieties, particularly the larger fruiting ones do require a bit more care and attention.

It is possible your tomato vines have too much fruit on them. This could have occurred because the plants were not de-lateraled frequently enough throughout their growth, which has led to over cropping. De-latering is the removal of laterals which are shoots that appear between the junction of a leaf branch and the stem. In terms of ripening, there may also be a problem with light access to the young tomatoes.

To overcome this; remove some leaves and/or laterals to allow enough sun through.

Tomatoes do require a lot of water, especially around fruiting time and during the hotter months. For healthy fruit it is critical you water plants deeply two to three times a week, regardless of rainfall.

Feed your tomato plants with Daltons incredible edibles® Tomato Fertiliser every 3-4 weeks right throughout the growing period. Add a good layer of mulch on top to help conserve water and keep moisture in the soil.

Top tip: When pruning your tomato plant use sharp secateurs and ensure they are clean before you start to avoid spreading diseases.

Tomato Cherry Plant iS867039640L.jpg