When to Plant Strawberries


Can strawberries grow all year round?


Strawberries are really a summer crop producing ripe berries from November through till late January. They’re traditionally planted in the winter months so they can establish a well formed root system prior to spring growth.
By growing your strawberry plants under plastic it is possible to pick your first strawberries a little earlier e.g: late October. Autumn and winter are the best times for preparing your future strawberry beds and for dreaming about the delicious strawberries you are going to grow! Sadly there is no way to produce your strawberries out of season.

If you have existing strawberries in the garden now, side dress them with Daltons Strawberry Fert in November to encourage good strong growth. But always be careful not to over fertilise your strawberry plants as this can lead to an enormous amount of green leaf growth instead of fruiting.  

Mulch around plants with pea straw, crushed bark or hay to keep a clean bed for the developing strawberries to lie on, as well as preventing disease and weeds.

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