We want to shift our strawberries for next year and wonder what tips you may have as they are taking up valuable space in our glasshouse. Can we transplant strawberries easily? 


It is very simple to transplant strawberries and it’s best done at the end of the growing season. Firstly, check the age of your strawberry plants as once they have gone beyond 2 years, they no longer tend to produce sufficient crops and you should consider replacing them. It is worth noting that strawberry plants produce runners (stolons) which can be removed from the mother plant and can be potted up or planted out anytime during May, June and July to give them enough time to get established. By growing these runners you ensure continuity of cropping over the next few years.
Before re-potting, tidy up your plants by removing any dead leaves or excessive foliage. Then transplant existing plants or new runners into fresh new potting mix. A good strawberry mix like Daltons Strawberry Mix contains adequate nutrients so you should only need to apply fertiliser in the early months of the season.
Feed your plants with a side dressing of Daltons Strawberry Fert in October and November to encourage good strong growth. Be careful not to over fertilise your strawberry plants as this can lead to an enormous amount of green leaf growth instead of fruiting. Remember to water your plants well after planting, re-potting or fertilising.

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