Strawberries in Pots


I have grown my strawberries successfully in pots for a number of years; however last year I had leafy green plants but no fruit at all!


There are a few reasons why you haven’t had much fruit. Firstly, have you replaced your strawberry plants in the past three years? To ensure a continual succession of cropping it is good practice to replace plants within three years as their fruit production can start to slow down. 
Check the position of your existing strawberry plants; they need maximum sun and maximum heat, so place them in a warm sunny spot. The leafy green plants and lack of fruit could also be caused by high nitrogen levels in your soil from over fertilising. This leads to an enormous amount of green leaf growth instead of fruiting. Only apply fertiliser in the early months of the season eg: October and November.
Another possible reason could be that you have planted what’s called a ‘short day crop’ variety which requires winter light levels to initiate flower and fruit production. If you plant them too late eg: October, you will not get fruit the first year. To ensure you have strawberries in time for Christmas, try replacing your existing plants now with a variety called Temptation. This is a ‘day neutral’ variety which means it will flower and fruit while the temperature and conditions are suitable eg: between 0 to 30 degrees. Always plant your strawberries into good quality strawberry mix.

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