Soil Care


What is the best way to fertilise strawberries?


The key to successfully growing strawberries lies in the preparation of the soil prior to planting. Ensure the area to be planted is well drained and mounted above existing ground level (about 7-8cm) by adding Daltons Compost along with Daltons Strawberry Mix.
Mound the soil into rows and place strawberry plants in the ground approximately 10-15cm apart. Mounding the soil improves drainage and allows the soil to warm up quicker and maintain this warmth throughout the growing period. One of the secrets to successful strawberries is regular mulching so cover the areas between rows and plants with pea straw or fine bark mulch. This will provide a nice clean bed from which the strawberries will develop and avoids fruit rot from soil contact. 
During the early part of the growing season (October/November) before the fruit starts forming, the young plants can be side dressed with Daltons Strawberry Fertat three to four week intervals. As the fruit starts commencing ripening from early December onwards, discontinue fertilising the plants as we want them to produce fruit rather than leafy growth.

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