Replanting Strawberries


My strawberries have runners off them, am I able to replant them, and what do I have to do to the main plant for next season. Also, what advice do you have to re-soil them. 


May, June and July are the perfect months for planting new strawberry plants that have been provided to you as runners from the original parent plant. Create some mounded areas in your gardens, funning north-south around 200mm above the existing soil level, add fresh compost and then firm the soil. The runners you have removed from the original plant can then be planted into the mounds, 100-150mm apart. You can retain the mother plant for two years after planting and then they should be removed as they reduce fruiting over time. Plant at least 20 new plants to provide an adequate supply of strawberries for the summer. For more advice check out other questions about strawberry growing here.

Strawberry planting iS 92025675M.jpg