Growing Strawberries in Pots


Can strawberries be grown in pots? What compost/fertiliser is best? How and when do I plant them, where is the best place for the pots and when can I expect fruit to eat and enjoy?


Strawberries can be cultivated in any type of container - the bigger the container the more strawberries you can grow! They are usually planted from June through till September when available at garden centres and they fruit in the coming summer.

A container mix (try Daltons Garden Time Strawberry Mix) is the best medium because it’s free draining and includes nutrients for healthy, vigorous growth. Ensure your container has adequate drainage holes and is in a full sun position.

Regularly inspect your strawberries for Botrytis (grey mould). Continual picking of mature strawberries will also alleviate this potential problem. Add a layer of pea straw to help retain moisture and provide a clean bed for the developing fruit. Fertilise with Daltons Garden Time Strawberry Fertiliser and net the plants when fruiting, so birds don’t eat the fruit before you!

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