Boosting Soil


I pulled some flax out of my garden. What sort of nutrients can I put into the soil to get decent growth as nothing there is taking off?


While flax is not an excessive robber of soil nutrients, it would be a good idea to give your soil a boost, especially if you are struggling to grow new plants in the same location. To do this, add copious amounts of Daltons Compost and mix well with the existing soil prior to planting your new tree or shrub. If the area has wetter than normal soil, you should raise the soil level prior to planting your new specimen.
Depending on what you plant, these new specimens should be side dressed with general garden fertiliser every 6 weeks, starting late October/early November through until Christmas, and recommencing late February until late April. During the growing season it would be beneficial to also apply side dressings of compost and a layer of mulch before the garden dries in the summer months. Both of these will help to build up the organic content of your soil. 

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