Standard Roses


I have two white standard roses which look healthy but come in to bud and immediately turn brown. I have very few actual roses. They are planted in a north facing situation so have morning sun.


Without knowing which variety your standard rose is or the age of the rose, we would suggest the following possibilities which may cause the bud to brown.

As a rose’s root system is surprisingly minimal, if the plant has dried out excessively in the December/early January period, this often leads to poor bud formation and bud browning and dropping before opening. While roses do not require exceptional care, mulching with crushed bark or compost will help with constant soil moisture. Regular fertilising with a specific rose fertiliser such as Daltons Premium Rose & Flower Fertiliser in October/November, and again in March/April, helps the plants develop into strong, sturdy specimens. The potash in rose fertilisers also helps in the development of sturdy flowers. Be patient, most roses, bush or standard, improve with age and of course with adequate care.

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