Caring for Peace Lilly Plants


About six years ago I was given a peace plant after my wife died. The leaves and stalks now fill the complete container right to the edges. Will it become root-bound? This year it had more than twice the number of flowers than previous years. Will it sulk if I do re-pot it?


Great to hear your peace lily is flowering well. From your description however, it does sound like the plant is becoming root bound. As with any indoor plant, the best time to re-pot is in late October/early November. 

Choose a suitable container, but make sure it’s not significantly larger than the existing pot. Fill it with fresh container mix, and then place the peace lily undivided into the new pot at the same level it was growing in the previous container. Water the plant thoroughly straight after re-potting. 

You can apply light side dressings of Daltons Premium Goldcote Flower & Rose Fertiliser during the growing season. Do not over fertilise as the peace lily plants are not gross feeders.

Look to re-pot your plant every 4-5 years. By doing this your peace lily should grow successfully for many years to come.