Dead Leaves on Bay Trees


My ornamental bay trees have a lot of dead leaves in the middle.  How do I bring them back to health?


Brown leaves on the inside of bay trees are a regular occurrence, particularly after long, dry summers. It is caused by the plant becoming excessively dry over January and February. Bay trees grow especially well in a rich soil that is kept well-watered. They also love nitrogen fertiliser, especially when applied early in the growing season.

Where bay trees have been well fertilised, the leaves will be a deep green colour as opposed to the light green colour when they are lacking in nutrients. You can either remove the brown leaves by hand, or they will eventually fall off. 

Start the spring growing season by fertilising your bay trees in late October with Daltons Premium Tree and Shrub Fertiliser and apply mulch to help maintain moisture levels. Regularly trim the plant to encourage new leafy, healthy growth.

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