Adding colour to your Courtyard


Adding colour to your Courtyard

I would like to add some colour to my small courtyard. Can you suggest some flowering plants for summer?

Flowers in pots are a fantastic way to liven up any garden or small space. When it comes to annuals, you can’t beat petunias in pots for the summer. Visit for this year’s 2014 selection or pop into your local garden centre for the latest releases. Cosmos are also quite stunning and come in a range of colours, and the dwarf whites are especially nice. Marigolds like the drier conditions of pots and flower well right through summer. 

For potted perennials, plant old favourites geraniums and pelargoniums. Daisies come in white, pink and yellow and make a phenomenal display over summer while requiring minimum attention. When growing Lavender in containers its best to go with smaller varieties like Old English (Angustifolia) which also has the most beautiful scent. There are other forms of the smaller growing varieties like Munstead, and Hidcote which will also do well in pots.

Being in a confined space; potted plants deplete the soil more quickly of nutrients. Always use a fresh, good quality mix such as Daltons Premium Potting Mix or Daltons Premium Tub Mix every season. Water your pots two to three times a week thoroughly, rather than a sprinkle every night.

If you go away, ask a neighbour to water your pots, or alternatively cut them back quite hard before departing which reduces the need for watering. You can also put containers under trees where there is dappled light so they don’t dry out as quickly.

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