Vegetables in Containers


We’ve just moved into a new house and have limited space garden wise.  We’d like to grow our own vegetables this summer; can this be done in containers?  


You can successfully grow vegetables in pots or containers, especially with the many dwarf or mini-varieties now available.  Growing in pots is perfect for those with limited space however there are a couple of things you need to do to ensure a bumper crop.  
Choosing the right sized container is important, people tend to select smaller pots but be sure to choose a decent size.  Using a good quality potting or container mix is essential as they contain well balanced, slow release nutrients and have moisture retaining qualities.  
Position your post or containers in a warm sunny, north facing position, away from strong winds, and water them regularly - don’t let them dry out.  Start planting summer vegetables around Labour Weekend, you can plant into pots earlier but just move them to sheltered spots to limit the risk of late frosts.  Lettuce varieties to try are “Tom Thumb”, “Little Gem” and other red leaf varieties which grow well and look great.  You can also grow dwarf tomatoes such as Roma, Cherry Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cucumber and Asian greens. 
It’s a good idea to change the soil every time you want to grow a new crop, as it can get depleted.  Alternatively revive old soil with Daltons incredible edible Vegetable fertiliser.  
Herbs are ideal to grow in pots and portable enough to keep close to the kitchen outside or inside on a warm window-ledge.  Popular summer herbs to grow are Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Coriander and Rosemary.