Growing Lettuce in Pots


I have tried growing veggies such as lettuce in pots but have not had much success.  Are there any tips or tricks you can share to get a decent crop? 


You can grow many vegetables successfully in pots or containers, especially with the different types of dwarf or mini-varieties now available.  Growing in pots is a great way to get children involved in gardening and is idea for those with limited space.  There are a couple of things you need to do to ensure a bumper crop.  Choosing the right sized container is important; people tend to select smaller pots, but make sure you choose a decent size.  What you plant your veggies in is crucial, so use good quality potting or container mixes as they contain well balanced, slow release nutrients and have moisture retaining qualities - try Daltons Premium Potting Mix, or Premium Tub Mix.   It’s a good idea to change the soil every time you want to grow a new crop, as nutrients and water holding capabilities can get depleted.  Position your pot or container in a warm sunny, north facing position, away from strong winds.  Water regularly and don’t let them dry out.  It’s important to plant vegetables in the right season; for summer vegetables - plant them in the summer months, not too early or late, particularly in the South Island.  Try lettuce varieties such as “Tom Thumb”, “Little Gem” and other red leaf varieties which grow well and look great.  Feed your potted veggies with Daltons Vegetable Fert throughout the growing period (avoiding the hot months when plants are struggling with heat).