Producing More Feijoa Fruit and Flowers


I planted two feijoa plants two years ago which have grown about 1.2m tall. One has more flowers and fruit, the other has only produced a few flowers and no fruit. They are planted in the same location and have the same amount of water and fertiliser. Is there a way to help the plant produce more flowers and fruit?


Hopefully, both your feijoas are named varieties, for example; Apollo, Gemini or Marion, and therefore have been grown from cuttings, rather than Feijoa sellowiana which is grown from seed. The reason for this, is that seedling feijoas take longer to commence flowering and fruiting than cutting grown feijoas. The fruit from seedlings is also smaller than cutting grown plants.

However, keep in mind that feijoas will take a number of years before they start fruiting regularly and in significant numbers - this may be three to five years after planting. 

As with all fruit trees, always plant with plenty of compost and apply mulch over summer months. Apply Daltons Garden Time Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertiliser during spring into early summer, and again from late summer into early autumn. Irrigate over dry summer months when the plants are young, as this encourages strong vigorous growth.

Once they are established, feijoas are very hardy and will handle almost all climatic conditions that they are exposed to.

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