Planting A Peach Tree


I want to plant a Blackboy peach tree in the middle of a section of grass. Do I need to dig out some of the soil and replace it. How big should the hole be compared to the rootball?


It’s best to plant fruit trees in winter in a site sheltered from the wind with free draining soil (as they don’t like having wet feet). Dig a hole twice as wide and as deep as the container the tree came in. Add generous amounts of Daltons Compost to the hole and mix in well – it’s also a good opportunity to add a Daltons Premium Planter Tabs (slow release fertiliser) to give the tree a boost. Make a mound at the bottom of the hole in the middle, this is where the rootball will sit and ensures better drainage. Place your tree in the hole, then replace the soil around the rootball and pat it to make it compact and firm. You want it so when the tree sits in the ground, the base of the stem should be slightly higher than ground level to prevent water pooling around the trunk and potentially causing rot. Apply a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow around the top but not touching the tree trunk. Protect young trees from strong winds and only stake them if extra support is required. Peach trees are somewhat nutrient hungry so apply Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert from mid-late October to early December at 4-6 weekly intervals, recommence in March through to April, applying at the same intervals. 
In winter prune inward growing branches to allow for adequate air circulation and to retain the tree at a height were fruit can be easily picked. After pruning apply a cleanup spray of copper compound or conqueror oil to deter any overwintering diseases.

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