Guava Trees


I have a Guava plant that is dormant over winter. I’ve had two small crops off this plant. What do I feed it for better growth? Do you prune guava plants?


Guavas do have considerable nutrient requirements so to get the best out of your tree apply regular side dressings of Daltons Citrus & Fruit Fert every 4-6 weeks. Start in late October when plants are coming into growth, until early December, recommencing again in mid-February through to mid-April. Make sure the fertiliser is applied out to the tree drip line (directly under the outer circumference of the tree’s branches) and watered in well. You may also wish to apply Daltons Big Value Blood & Bone during the same period of time as guavas particularly like this fertiliser. 
To ensure steady growth, water your tree regularly during the drier months. Guavas should be pruned annually around early to mid-April, once fruiting has finished. Pruning ensures the shrub does not grow into a large tree which makes it difficult to collect the fruit. Aim to keep the tree around 2-2.5 metres high and about 1.5 across. Annual pruning also helps to open up the tree to improve light penetration, which helps ripen fruit.

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