Growing a Persimmon Tree


I am trying to grow a persimmon tree for the second time. The first tree just withered away. What do these fruit trees need to thrive?


While not overly difficult to grow, persimmons do have some specific cultivation requirements. They prefer free draining soil and this is absolutely imperative, as they do not grow well in heavy clay soils that become boggy in winter. If your soil is heavy, add plenty of Daltons Compost to the soil and mix well to help with drainage.

Choosing a sheltered position is also very important. Persimmons are not strong trees and branches will break very easily in strong winds, even when trees are quite mature.

Possibly the easiest and most successful way to cultivate a persimmon is to espalier the tree against a north facing wall. This way the branches can be attached to some trellis or other structure. This allows maximum exposure to the sun and stabilises branches against wind damage.

When purchasing a young persimmon (preferably the variety called Fuyu), ensure the graft union is well healed and the growth is strong, rather than tall and leggy. Stake the young tree for the first 2-3 years after planting to help reduce wind damage.

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