Fruit Trees


We want to plant three or four fruit trees that will give us fruit spaced throughout the year. What grows well in Dunedin and how can we give them the best start?


There is nothing like homegrown fruit. Varieties of fruit trees that provide a wonderful spread of harvesting could include the following:

  • Apple – triple grafted (i.e. three varieties on one tree): Royal Gala (early fruiting), Red Delicious (mid-season fruiting), Braeburn/Granny Smith (late season fruiting).
  • Pear – double grafted for pollination and to spread the picking time: William Bon Chretien (early season fruiting), Doyenne du Comice (late season fruiting).
  • Plums – double grafted for pollination: Black Doris (early season fruiting) and Santa Rosa (late season fruiting).
  • Apricots – double grafted to spread harvesting time: Trevatt (early season fruiting) and Fitzroy (late season fruiting).

To plant your fruit trees, dig the hole and add in plenty of Daltons 7in1 Boosted Compost or Garden Time Compost. Improve drainage by creating a mound at the bottom in the middle where the rootball will sit. Plant the tree and replace the soil. The ideal tree position is when it sits in the ground and the base of the stem is slightly higher than ground level. This prevents water pooling around the trunk. Finally, add a layer of Daltons Big Value Mulch & Feed with Daltons Goldcote Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertiliser in early spring and again in late summer.

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