Caring for Passion Fruit Vines


My passionfruit plant had over 90 fruit this year, do we need to prune it and what fertiliser does it need? Would really appreciate your help. 


Firstly, well done - that is a fantastic crop of fruit! Before pruning your passionfruit vine, wait until there is absolutely no possibility of late frosts. Reduce the growth by approximately 1/3, tying the main leaders to a fence or wires. The growth that emerges from these leaders is where your next season’s passionfruit will appear.

Ensure the soil around your passionfruit is well drained – they do not like wet soil. Add Daltons 7in1 Boosted Compost as the soil warms in spring, and apply a light side dressing of Daltons Goldcote Landscape & Garden Fertiliser in late October.

Remember, passionfruit plants generally last about three to five years, therefore consider planting new specimens every two to three years to provide continuous fruiting.

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