Caring for an Olive Tree

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Caring for an Olive Tree

Could you please advise me of the best manure or fertiliser you would recommend for olive trees in the home garden, particularly to stimulate the production of fruit?

Olives are not gross feeders of normal fruit tree fertilisers. Applying normal or excessive amounts of fertilisers to young or aged olive trees will encourage excessive vegetative growth, while in no way aiding the production of fruit.

It usually does not take much to grow an olive tree, apart from choosing the right variety, selecting the right site to grow them and keeping them pruned to keep fruit low.

Olives commence fruiting as the plants mature, around approximately 5-6 years after planting. To ensure heavy cropping of your olive tree it is important to select the cultivar that is most appropriate for your region, as this does vary throughout New Zealand. Talk to your local experts at the garden centre for guidance when selecting olives for your garden.

For those planning to grow olive trees, when planting add plenty of Daltons Compost and Daltons Premium Garden Mix to give them the best start and ensure good drainage. Add a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow on top to help suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil.

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