Growing Eggplants


Last November I purchased an eggplant and planted it in my glasshouse. It grew really well with lots of branches and flowers; however, the flowers never developed the eggplant fruit. Why is this?


Growing Aubergines and other warm loving veggies in glasshouses is an excellent way of cultivating these types of plants in the cooler parts of New Zealand like Dunedin. However there can be problems with pollination of vegetable plants that are in an enclosed glasshouse eg; lack of access for bees and other pollinating insects. To ensure successful pollination this coming summer, it is advisable to help nature by hand pollinating the flowers on your mature Aubergine plant. This can be done with a small fluffy paint brush by moving the pollen from one flower onto another, thus ensuring fertilisation has taken place.  
Also make sure that plants are regularly watered and fertilised with side dressings of Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser throughout growing period.

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