Eggplant and Chilli


Can I grow eggplant and chilli in Dunedin?


It is possible to grow these as long as you plant the young seedlings when the warm weather has finally arrived; around mid-to-late October.

The site you choose to grow these vegetables in is critical to their success. Ideally a raised veggie plot in a sunny, north facing position, sheltered from strong, cold winds. Incorporate Daltons 7in1 Boosted Compost and mix well into the existing soil before planting.

Chillies are relatively easy to grow and there are many different varieties to choose from – you can either grow them from seed (indoors then plant out later) or purchase seedlings from your local garden centre.  

In terms of eggplants, they do have a long growing season. Mature eggplants will be ready for harvesting in late February through to mid-March.