Edible Garden Colour


My wife is a big lover of seeing flowers and colour in the garden. My motto is; “If you can’t eat it, don’t grow it”. What can be planted to give awesome colour and yet be edible?


You can have a colourful and productive winter veggie garden through the careful selection of some very interesting vegetable varieties. Try Beetroot (Red Cylindra and Balls Red), Cabbages (black and red), Kale (Dutch Red, Frilly Red and Red Russian), Lettuce (Red Oak leaf), Purple Kohlrabi and Rainbow Silverbeet.

You can also include plantings of ornamental Kale, varieties; Pigeon Red and Pigeon White, and of course some colourful herbs such as; Lemon thyme, Silver thyme and Purple sage.

Don’t forget that when the time arrives for summer vegetable gardening, there are numerous stunningly attractive and productive vegetables on offer, along with edible flowers like Nasturtiums, Calendulas, Violas etc.

Check out the Kings Seeds website (www.kingsseeds.co.nz) which has a wonderful selection of colourful winter and summer vegetables and edible flowers you can grow from seed.  

Products to try: Daltons Garden Time Compost and Garden Time range. For more information and expert advice, check out How to Grow guides at www.daltons.co.nz/how-to-guides