Ross Infestation


My large lawn is now suffering from moss infestation. It started from the damp-shaded part of the lawn and has slowly spread to the rest. What remedy will control or eradicate the moss?


This is actually a common occurrence in lawns, especially throughout the winter months. The moss in your lawn is caused by a combination of excess water and poor sunlight, and it can tolerate these conditions better than grass. To lessen the impact of moss, try improving the drainage in your lawn and if possible, enhance sunlight access. You can do this by thinning out large shading trees and removing any structures or fences that are no longer required which may be shading the lawn.
Another thing to try is spreading Iron Sulphate on to the moss infected area and watering it in. This is quite a common practice to treat moss and it will also darken the colour of your lawn. 
Invariably, in the upcoming summer with its drier climate and higher light, the moss will slowly disappear. Regular applications of Daltons Premium Lawn Fertiliser will also speed up the disappearance of moss. Established lawns should be fertilised every 4-5 weeks from October until Christmas (always avoid fertilising during the hot summer months), recommencing from late February until late April.