Stroing, Flowering Orchid Plants


What is the best way to get phalaenopsis orchid plants to flower? I have had a number of plants, but have only managed to get one to grow new flowers.


It’s best to work through a checklist to ensure you have the basics right. It may be that your orchids are still too young to produce masses of flowers. As most orchids age they become far more productive in terms of flowering. 

It is worth checking that the growing medium your orchid plants are in is specifically an orchid mix. These mixes tend to be large pieces of bark with pumice sand and low nutrients. Orchids are not gross feeders and excessive amounts of nutrients can lead to vegetative growth as opposed to flowering. You can try Daltons Premium Orchid Mix which is specially blended for growing orchids in containers.

Never overwater your orchids and ensure the growing medium is free draining. The phalaenopsis orchid naturally grows as an epiphyte where there is little or no growing medium as it attaches itself to a tree. Therefore they can suffer if buried too deeply into ordinary potting mix in an overly large container.

Orchids flower best when the roots are rather constricted in the container they are growing in. Often after re-potting, orchids may take a number of years before recommencing flowering.

Phanlaenopsis is a tropical orchid that prefers a warm position with good light, but not in direct hot sunlight. Do be patient with your orchid as they can be very rewarding as they mature and produce masses of flowers. 

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