Growing Rocket


I find whenever I grow rocket; it goes to flower quite early on. I have heard that it is possible to collect the seeds and re-sow them. What are your recommendations?


Rocket is very easy to grow and is delicious in salads and cooking. With your young rocket plants you must pick the leaves continuously, whether you are eating them or not. This will encourage the young plant to branch out and become bushier, producing more edible material as opposed to growing in an upright narrow form which quickly leads to flowering.

Remember at the end of the growing season, either winter or summer (as rocket can be grown all year ground), all plants will invariably go to seed. When this happens, remove the old season’s plants and replace with new young seedlings. You can grow from your collected seeds or find seedlings readily available from your local garden centre. 

The better the soil, the better plants grow. To give your seedlings the best chance, refresh the soil before planting. Add in plenty of Daltons Compost and mix it in well with existing soil. Leave for around one to two weeks before planting out.