‘Brightlights’ Silverbeet


I grew ‘Brightlights’ Silverbeet from seed. These plants have now gone to seed. If I collect this seed, will any new plants still be ‘Brightlights’ or will they revert back to white stem ‘silver beet’?


An interesting question! The offspring from your existing silverbeet ie: next season’s crop from the seed that you sow, should in theory be a vast array of different forms and colours - however the majority will most probably revert back to the original silverbeet (white stem). It would be worth carrying out the experiment to see what happens! But if you want the guarantee of lush colourful silverbeet then the best idea would be to purchase and plant new Brightlights seeds or seedlings. Choose organically certified seed as the seeds will not have been sterilised and will be able to germinate. Silverbeet can be planted all year around, just ensure you prepare your planting site by digging in Daltons  Compost or Daltons Organic Compost and mix it well with existing soil (to about 1 spade depth). You can fertilise your silverbeet plants with side dressings of Daltons  Vegetable Fertiliser every 3-5 weeks throughout the growing period.