Lawn Care with Dogs


We have two dogs and I was wondering what is the best way to repair the damaged lawn and how to sort where the lawn has been killed from urine?


With two dogs on your property, having a perfect lawn is virtually impossible! Dogs need plenty of exercise and love running and rolling on lawns. However, one strategy is to divide your lawn into separate areas with the most highly visible area being fenced off from your dogs and/or rotate the areas in which the dogs can play. To help damaged lawn, apply water immediately to areas where the dogs have urinated to dilute it and lessen the severe burning effect.

You can repair the patches, but leave any lawn work until the soil warms up eg: from late September/early October. If the area is small, use Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold, which has everything you need in one bag - lawn soil, seed and fertiliser. Remove the affected grass and soil and at least 15cm beyond it. Add Daltons Premium Lawn Patching Gold to the area, level it out and then water gently.

If the area is larger, you will need to resow the lawn. Apply Daltons Premium Lawn Soil to a depth of 3cm over the entire area and rake gently. Sprinkle the seed on the surface of the soil in an even pattern, walking away from the starting point so you are not standing on the seed, and water gently.

The reality is that there is a trade-off between enjoying your dogs and enjoying your lawn. Possibly longer walks outside your property on a daily basis might help reduce the amount of time they spend on your lawn and reduce the damage.